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We Believe You Can Outsmart, Rather Than Outspend Your Competition

PixelMark offers you a fully staffed marketing department
for less than the total cost of one full-time employee


PixelMark was just extremely responsive and always made sure we knew where we were in the process. You were able to assist me and motivate my team to get things going. You were also able to ta ke charge when I needed you to take charge and when I didn’t have time”

Since we started working with PixelMark, there’s been a definite growth in the number of people who are paying attention to us and the people we are reaching has grown. You were listening and recognized that there’s a profit and loss sheet we have to pay attention to. You weren’t just thinking about marketing, or your best interests, you were thinking about our business.

Even though they don’t hold medical degrees, they’re so detail oriented that you get the impression that Rio Grande Urology is their business as well. I knew PixelMark would provide highly personalized attention and be highly motivated to do a great job.

“About Us” In Our Clients’ Words

“PixelMark provides highly personalized attention”

For anyone considering whether to work with PixelMark, I would say that PixelMark is coming to you with the mindset that they want to help your business succeed.

They pay attention to you as the business owner, and they pay attention to the person in your company that’s managing their work. They just make it easy for you.

In our experience, they always communicate, share schedules with me, and I don’t have to hunt them down. I am kept in the loop with all the marketing that goes out and I’m free to edit any of it if I need to.

You’ve also gone above and beyond, always networking me with others and sharing tools, products, and apps that you just notice that I might need. For example, you recommended Rescue Time. That has nothing to do with marketing, but it’s beneficial to my business.

Marketing strategies that are put to work for your business

Meet Your New Marketing Department

Get to know the people behind the Pixel:


Partner / Chief Intensity Officer


Partner / Chief Opportunities Officer


Content & Support Manager


Project Manager

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