The End of Do It Yourself Websites

We build, host, and support affordable websites
so you can manage and grow your business

Starting at Only $2600 plus $107/mo

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Finally, Big-Brand Quality is Affordable for Your Business

Every business needs a professional website. But not every business needs the expense of a fully-custom website design. Before, you were stuck with one of two options:

  1. Use a free or low cost “solution.” This option is like being handed an drill and being expected to know how to perform dental surgery.

  2. Hire a web designer for a fully custom website. This option is like buying a Ferrari when a Toyota would get you there just as well.

Neither option makes sense for most businesses. Bottom line, you don’t need your website to win artistic awards – you want to win clients.

The Benefits Included with Your New Website

Custom Website Content

Don’t like writing? We write the content for you. We’ll create 6 SEO (search engine optimization) optimized pages and/or blog posts so you don’t have to write the content.

2-Hours Monthly Support

Get 2 hours of monthly technical and administrative support. Unused time can roll month to month for up to 3 months.

Mobile Ready – Look Great on Any Device

Whether your customers find you from their desktop, tablet, or mobile – Your site looks beautiful everywhere.

User-Friendly Admin Dashboard

We run websites on the WordPress platform. It’s easy to use, plus you and your staff can access the content any time you want.

SEO Friendly Design and Code

You may not know what your site looks like in the background but Google does. And what Google sees on your new site, Google loves!

Security and Support at Your Side

Get weekly backups, weekly software updates, and immediate security updates. For an added $58/mo, get 2-hours of monthly support.

Get 2 Hours of Custom Programming

Feeling a little cramped by an out-of-the-box design? Get 2 hours of programming time ($120 value) to customize your website even further.

All The Technical Work Done For You

We’ll handle the technical side of your website. You can focus your energy on marketing your business instead of trying to learn HTML.

Starting at Only $2600 plus $107/mo

Questions? Get Answers.

I Knew That They Would Provide
Highly Personalized Attention and
Be Highly Motivated to Do a Great Job

I didn’t really have any reservations in hiring PixelMark. When Ruben contacted me, I was ready for change. I was motivated to hire them because they are a new company.

I knew that they would provide highly personalized attention and be highly motivated to do a great job.

In contrast, more commercialized businesses have a tendency to be impersonal and with standardized services, that don’t always fit your business.

I trust them and know that I don’t have to micromanage them.

PixelMark confirmed my first impressions right away.

The personal focus, and Tiffany’s attention to detail in the content has been very clear and specific. It’s obvious that there’s an effort on their part to get absorbed in our business.

Even though they don’t hold medical degrees, they’re so detail oriented that you get the impression that Rio Grande Urology is their business as well.

I trust them and know that I don’t have to micromanage them.

From day-one they said they would take the marketing and website off my plate and that’s been happening.

Something else that I’ve come to value is the way they can sync with the results we want. For example, when I asked them to design a rack card for our doctors, they captured exactly what I was looking for.

What I would tell anyone that’s considering working with PixelMark is this: PixelMark is hungry for business and as a result you will get a highly personalized level of service.

Hector Santana
CEO, Rio Grande Urology

Starting at Only $2600 plus $107/mo

Questions? Get Answers.

Take Your Website to the Next Level With These Add-Ons

Custom Photography Services

Our photography add-on include 25 high resolution photographs taken at your location to use on your quick launch website and other marketing materials.
+ $1,600

Custom Video Services

Our video team produces a documentary-style video to share your story in 5 minutes on your website.
+ $2,000

Starting at Only $2600 plus $107/mo

Questions? Get Answers.

Lynn Arnold
The Retreat Birthing Center

“Before learning about PixelMark, I hired a one-person shop web designer who took a large down payment and then stopped taking my calls. Then I went with a well-known national bargain brand, but they never took the time to learn about my business. I paid twice for a website that was never finished… until I met PixelMark.”